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Esse Jazz Agency – is the most recent enterprise by the team behind Esse Jazz Club in Moscow!

Esse Jazz Agency has organically developed from the Esse Jazz Club. The club opened its doors for the first time in Moscow 6 years ago and since then, it is being considered as one of the most vibrant and fascinating jazz venues in the Russian capital. The ESSEnce of world jazz culture is being represented here by international and Russian jazz musicians every day.
How it all began?
On the first floor of a historical 19th century building, once part of a wealthy merchant's estate, Esse, one of the most versatile Moscow jazz clubs is has been working since 2011. With its state-of-the-art sound system and a gorgeous Yamaha grand piano, Esse is the home for true jazz aficionados, o ering styles from straight-ahead to visionary modern, by Russia's top jazz musicians of all generations, and a wide array of visiting musicians from the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere in the world.
performance sets and other events a month
10-hour music marathon to celebrate the International Jazz Day on April 30
Jazz performances in big halls
What's behind it?
Esse is the focal point for jazz fans and artists, and works on expanding the audience by presenting educational outreach events. Overall, Esse presents more than 50 performance sets and other events a month; the club's production team also organizes large-scale concert shows in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia, about five a year in average. Esse is a pround partner of several festivals, such as Usadba Jazz, Jazz at the Hermitage Garden, Jazz May Penza Festival, Rostov Jazz Festival etc.
For the 3rd consecutive year, Esse presents a 10-hour music marathon to celebrate the International Jazz Day on April 30.

We really love what we do. We had the honor to host Johnnie O'Neal, Deborah Brown, Arturo Sandoval, Candy Dulfer, Terence Blanchard, Jerri Bergonzi, James «Jimmy» Cobb, George Garzone, Damon Brown, Jason Palmer, Jeremy Pelt , Piotr Baron, Valery Ponamarev, Alex Sipiagin, Mark Whitefield Jr., Joel Taylor, JD Walter, Seamus Blake, Kevin Mahogany, Tony Romano, Marion Cowings, Cleve Douglass, Sergio Brandao, Willard Dyson and many other great musicians in our jazz club.
Supporting the new generation
We are proud and privileged to support young jazz musicians. Many mature performers, such as Ari Hoenig, Ehud Ettun, Jimmy Cobb, JD Walter , Cleveland Watkins and others, participated in workshops for students that Esse Jazz Club
has been organizing ever since it was opened.

In March, 2017, Esse patronized "Piano in Jazz", the Moscow contest of young jazz pianists and
o ered two grants for the winner and the runner-up that covered their Berklee College of Music scholarships.
Why we're here?

We believe that jazz is a small, yet a very special wheel to move the world.

We're trying to treat the Russian audience- an extremely grateful and intellectual one, with international jazz talents. And we encourage you to join us in this fascinating business of sharing the passion to the music and gaining lots of gratitude and recognition in return.

What we offer?
Esse Jazz Agency is the natural extension of what we do as a venue. We are looking for new, creative jazz talents worldwide, to match our adventurous programming! For international artists, their management and agents, we o er not just one venue to perform at, but a full-service tour organization in Russia and other countries of geographical proximity, including the club dates, as well concerts in theaters, jazz festivals, etc. Our well-established contacts in the cultural departments at many national embassies in Moscow allow us to seek tour supports in Russia.
Club venue
Russian tour
Big concert in festivals, halls & theatres
Our abilities
Esse Jazz Club (Moscow)
capacity: 100 people
capacity: 100 people
Moscow Academic theatre named after K. S. Stanislavsky &
V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko
capacity: 500 people

Moscow international house of music
capacity: 600 people
Central house of Artists (Moscow)
capacity: 600 people
State academic Capella of St. Petersburg
capacity: 800 people
State house of movie (Moscow)
capacity: 1000 people
Reopen Russia for Jazz!
We're inspired by jazz and are keen on promoting great music in our country. We strive to find new and undiscovered names to help them reach the Russian audience. They are waiting for you. We are waiting for you. Reopen Russia for jazz.
Please contact us:

Anastasiia Nikitina - Club/Agency Manager
+7 916 846 4630

Grant Khandzhyan - Club/Agency Director General
+7 495 150 2848

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