Джазовое агентство "ЭССЕ"
VAN Quartet
The music of "VAN" Quartet is based on Armenian traditional folk music and original compositions of the members of the band.
Despite being a new initiative, VAN quartet immediately became an inseparable part of the musical community.
VAN was selected among many applicants by an international jury to perform for the first time at Jazz Across Borders- the first Russian jazz forum-fest in St. Petersburg. A fantastic showcase in Russia's cultural capital, infused with unique improvisations and performed by outstanding musicians, is an onset of a very promising future for VAN.
The music by «VAN» is based on Armenian folk tradition as well as the works composed by the quartet members. Improvisation is the key to understanding VAN's music- it weaves harmonies and rhythmic structures, it indulges every listener and takes him away to the imaginative world of amazing music and harmony.
Vahagn Hayrpetyan
pianist, vocalist, composer
Vahagn Hayrapetyan is one of leading figures in Armenian jazz scene. He brings the jazz feel and modern harmony to the Armenian folk sounds.
Vartan Babayan
drums, percussion
Vartan Babayan plays all kinds of ethnic percussion with hands and brushes that gives the band soft but strong rhythmic picture.
Norayr Kartashyan
duduk, national armenian instruments
You can listen to the magic sounds of Armenian Duduk and blul of the master Norayr Kartashyan that makes those instruments by himselve and makes them sounds like magic.
Makar Novikov
double bass
Makar Novikov is the most active and creative bass player of the russian scene today that brings the strong fundamental base to the original sound of the "VAN" ( avant-guard - folk) quartet.
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